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Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

We had the Group of Clients that went through our latest TOTAL MIND & BODY RESTORATION PROGRAM send in their testimonials Anonymously in order to insure completely honesty and transparency with how they felt about the program. These were more for us, to help us see how their experience was... But after the overwhelming incredibleness of what was written--- we couldn't help but share

"And frankly since working with the group before, one of the things I have been working on is exactly that--being comfortable working on my health in front of other people. It has always been something I've been embarrassed to talk about in public, so to speak. But since the last group I am working on being proud of working on myself instead of trying to downplay or hide from it. I think I also never liked talking about it for fear of failing. But I'm learning to love taking care of myself and see exercise and wellness as a privilege instead of a punishment. It's taken me a long time to say that. I wasn't ready yet. But now I am."

“It really creates a radical shift in your whole life and sets you up for success in every way. You'll address both physical and emotional hang-ups you might have and learn how they are often interconnected, and you'll be given the tools to improve those aspects of your life that have been holding you back from being your best self!”

“It it challenging! However, if you stick with it, push through the challenges and confront them and are honest with yourself you will find yourself in an amazing place at the end! There is plenty of daily inspiration and support and absolutely no judgement. Throughout the program I was inspired to not only tackle my health life but other aspects of my life as well.”

“The way your body feels on this program is something I have envied when I have heard others speak about feeling 'clean and energized' THIS IS HOW TO GET THERE, THIS IS THE BEGINNING!”

“It’s 10 days- you will see results if you stick to it, and it is not about starving yourself, it is about setting your mind and intensions in the right place. I found a huge release from years of having a unhealthy relationship with food and diet- I feel stronger mentally and not nearly as obsessive about my food. I feel better prepared to live a healthy and balanced life!!”

“It encompasses addresses your physical and emotional needs while providing you with a manageable food regimen that's satisfying, effective and delicious.”

“I loved being paired with an accountability partner. It made the journey much easier knowing I was not doing it alone! I also loved the am and pm videos.”

“The mental journey of the 10 days helped me prep for the journey of living a healthy life.”

“It is totally worth it. You feel really taken care of--and really in control when you're done.”

“The layout of everything being in the booklet with the self reflective questions was SO helpful...and the easy layout of grocery shopping snacks.”

"Really helped me to understand how what I eat impacts overall health.”