jonesin for life

the life you were meant to live

Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

  • The right way to read a food label.
  • What ‘healthy’ terms like ‘natural,’ ‘organic,’ and ‘certified’ mean.
  • What the numbers on the barcode really mean.
  • Healthier substitutions for some of your favorite foods.
  • Learn how to find the right foods for your body


Whether you’re single, married , and especially if you have kids, learn the right way to bring healthy foods into your home.  Perfect if you want to make a healthy change, but coaching is not the right choice for you right now, the grocery store smack-down is for you. 

An apple a day is no longer enough. Keep the doctor away for years to come for you and your family through education  & arming yourself with the real truth behind persuasive labeling.