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Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

Who says you can’t be healthy and enjoy yourself too?

Jenna’s Healthy Happy Hour events are a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to educating yourself on ways to be healthier. 

The low down:

In a friendly collaborative environment, participants sample healthy appetizers and sip on a healthy cocktail (alcoholic or non, according to preference) as Jenna begins to peel back layers of common misconceptions about diet and health.   Usually centered around a couple of topics, the educational portion of this hour and a half event is accompanied by a live preparation of one (or 2) of the lite bites offered, and is always followed by a thorough question and answer period & one of Jenna's favorite 10 tips lists

Past HHH events have covered:

  • A brief summary of the meaning, origin, and possible dangers of GMOs.
  • How to detox without deprivation.
  • Maintaining health and sanity over the holidays.
  • Making the best choices for your chosen diet.
  • Navigating the interplay between emotions, cravings, and healthy choices.

Participants leave armed with know knowledge, a greater sense of control over their health, and a gift bag containing treats, recipes, promotional items, and contact info to receive their own complimentary hour-long health history with Jenna. Find out what people are saying about our past HHH events.

Host Your Own

Bring the Happy Hour to you! If you’ve got a bunch of friends who are curious about health, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend any Jonesin’ For Life events, or if you’re simply looking for a fun new way to connect with your friends while learning, eating, and growing, why don’t you host your own HHH?  With the ‘host your own,’ option, just let us know the amount of people you plan to have, any special requests in terms of topics and food, proposed date and location (if not at your house) and we’ll get right back you with pricing and options.