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Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

“You don’t have to sacrifice taste… That’s what scares me about ‘health food.’…  I have such a sweet tooth…and everything tasted really good.”

– Courtney Kocak, Writer


“I knew you’d be great.  I knew your food would be great.  But it was just… even better than that.”

-Bridget Cronley, Business Owner (Hosted her own HHH)


“I feel a renewal of a love for health!  I think that we get lost in everyday, and I used to be super crazy health conscious… and I think as time went on, you just lose it.  Because you just get really busy, because it’s life.”

–Ariel Moore, Singer


“This is my second event with Jenna, and I learned so much the first time, and actually learned even more the second time.  So if she has events in the future, I would totally recommend it.  She’s not… a one-trick pony. … The emotional side of things that she deals with, I found myself tonight going, ‘Wait, why do I still eat that one thing?  Or, why do I feel that when I eat this?’ And she has a presence about her that breaks that out in a safe way.”

--Jillean Tucker, Owner/Chef of Sustain LA, a plant-based food delivery service


“It’s a new change.  You can break out of old habits. … You’ve created things that do have good flavor and taste to them, without sacrificing the cravings.”

--Michael Albert, Retired


“I’m encouraged that there’s hope.  So, I want to learn more.”

-Judy Albert, Nurse


“My three words: Thank you, Jenna… Ever since I found your Facebook page, Jonesin’ For Life, that’s what started this … eating healthy.  Just seeing your pictures of all the foods that you make…It’s like, it’s healthy, but it looks so good!”

– Jennifer Albert, Artist


“I’m all crazy with my supplements and my food and all that stuff, but…if you’re doing all the nutritional stuff right, but not also being like a whole person, who is taking time for themselves, all the stress – I realized tonight…that can kill it.”

--Ashley Krueger, Actress


“For me, it was just super inspiring to see…other people’s struggle with the same types of things… and sitting by the kale chips!!  Finding that these are just as good as anything I could have bought at the supermarket… realizing it’s just replacing those bad habits with stuff that’s just as good.”

     Joanna Milliken, Designer/Artist


The Jonesin' for Life event I attended was a total blast. Healthy eats, lots of laughs, and great tips and tricks for making healthy living fun and easy. Jenna's parties are full of natural, delicious treats that couldn't feel more indulgent--except the only thing you're filling up on is wellbeing. 

--Holly Root, Literary Agent 


" I learned in a really fun atmosphere how To make healthier choices which are actually more delicious. I have always been really fit and tried to eat well, but after a week of making some simple changes I learned from Jenna's healthy happy hour I feel (and look!) better than I have in a long time'

--Mackenzie Kyle, Actress & Skin Care Specialist