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Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

ONE on ONE Coaching

 The CORE of our company lies in this Super VIP Service. Click for more info.

ONE on ONE Coaching PLUS

Baller' Status! Click for more info.

SQUAD "one on one" Program

This program is for you and  2-3 of your closest

Group Programs

Jump on board as jenna takes a small group of people through a journey of wellness. Accountability is LEGIT! You can form  your own group or join one of ours! Click HERE to find out about our upcoming programs! Click HERE to find out what people are saying about the latest Group Program.

Grocery Store "Smack-down" Tour

Crowd favorite! Do you want to know, once and for all, what is and isn’t good for you in the grocery store and how to find it quickly?  In this one-hour tour, jenna will take you on a journey from uninformed to confident shopper. Click for more details.  

Motivational & Corporate Speaking

Feel that your employees are draggin? Lack of energy? Midday slump? Jenna can put into place a structure to give some hope when it comes to health in your office. Just wanna a 1 hr talk? That’s cool too.  If you wanna have some real fun----lets do a group program!? Watch your staff become more productive & excited to come to work.

Healthy Happy Hours

Interested in jenna’s super amazing Healthy Happy Hour Event?

Get your friends together and host your own!  Click above for details

Cooking Demos & Consultations

How do you cook THAT? Jenna will come to your kitchen & help you create something delectable with items you already have OR dispel any hesitancy towards ingredient you’re not familiar with. (ewwww… tofu? Not so fast… it can be incredible! Let jenna show you how!)

Also available to come into schools, institutions or businesses.

Private Physical Training

1 hour session. Be put through your paces as jenna runs you through a workout that you will definitely not forget. Get a group together yourself or fly solo!

Menu Consultations


Have jenna meet & educate on allergy-friendly foods & nutrition. She will walk you through ways to implement this knowledge into your menu, creating tasty, delicious & nutrient-dense  options for all. (kid-tested & Lil' P approved)


Don’t freak out when it’s your turn to order at dinner. Send jenna the menu in advance and she’ll tell you the Top 3 choices you should have & why.  Setting yourself up to order with confidence.


Every day people are wanting to get healthier, not to mention the Vegetarians/Gluten Intolerants/Paleo Enthusiasts/Vegans looking to share a meal at nice spot but have ZERO choices and no place to go. Not to mention a place with ambience.  Let jenna collaborate with your Executive Chef to uncover some decadent and delicious options for these groups of people and maybe a healthier (yet still AMAZING) option of a current dish.


Don't live in Chicago & wanna work with us? No problem!

long distance one on one & group coaching & consulting available