jonesin for life

the life you were meant to live

Jenna Coker-Jones, "Health Concierge". Certified Holistic Health Coach. AADP. ACE Certified Trainer. Life maven. Fit mama. Plant-Strong Crazy. Truth Seeker. #forlife

If you liked all of the amazingness of jenna's ONE on ONE COACHING you get ALL of that PLUS....

  • Jenna will train you privately, once a month in a… shall we say… physically demanding & delicious workout.  The type of workout will vary depending on the specific client’s goals.

Coupling a hardcore workout with an encouraging spirit, Jenna has quickly become a sought after trainer…regularly teaching group and individual classes.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

This hour long, private, (you are soooo exclusive!) one-on-one training will typically be added on before or after one of your coaching sessions for the month.